Our MRO line offers innovative solutions for manufacturing processes, with ESD control equipment, digital microscopes, up to fluid dispenser. 


Eureka. Focused on the development of comprehensive and durable technology for moisture control, focused on the electronics industry. Offers low humidity enclosures (25%-55% RH), dry boxes, electronic desiccators for the control of moisture in storage as well as ultra-low humidity enclosures (5%-10% RH).


MicroCare Corporation. Dedicated to products that include various aerosol solvents designed to meet cleaning requirements of electronic tablets, medical devices, aerospace and military applications, telecommunications and optical devices.


Nix. Manufacturer of PCB’s handling products with 45 years of experience in the market. Characterized by the high quality of its magazines and excellent delivery times that represent the total customer satisfaction.


Panduit. Global manufacturer of innovative solutions and products for various industrial sectors offering products that minimize rework and downtime, delivering maximum reliability and ensuring fault-free installations.

SIMCO-ION. The world's largest manufacturer of static control products, it has been providing solutions to electrostatic problems in a wide range of industries since 1936. Its product lines consist of ionizers of various types: bar, fan and air, as well as air guns and nozzles. It also has environment monitoring systems and measuring devices.

simco ion
Static Stop

StaticStop. Provides unique solutions to meet different technical requirements, being the first company to conceive and develop an interlaced floor system for static control that does not require adhesive.


Tagarno.  Especialista en diseño y fabricación de microscopios digitales de ultima tecnología. La misión de Tagarno es hacer visible lo invisible y ver de forma mas inteligente conectado a la tecnología con las personas. Sus equipos son ampliamente utilizados en diversos mercados como investigación, agricultura, electrónica , aeronáutica, entre otros . 


ThermoSleeveLeading manufacturer of heat shrink products with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, producing 30% of all heat shrink tubes in the world and 40% of all PTFE pipes thanks to its modern manufacturing technology. It has TS16949 and ISO14001 certifications, also meets and exceeds the requirements of UL224 / MIL.

Techcon. Leader in automated liquid dispensers and adhesive dispensing equipment in all types of industries. Offers equipments such as: machines, valves, syringes, tips, cartridges and nozzles, as well as robots automated dispensers and 2k packaging.


Xuron Corp. Creator and owner of the Micro-Shear® (by-pass cutting technology) patent used in all its cutting clamps. World’s leading manufacturer of ergonomic and electronic grade hand tools for the electronics, aerospace, plastic molding, cable processing, fiber optic and telecommunications industries.


Yaesu. Manufacturer of dispensing equipment for all types of tapes and labels, focusing on the development of applications for easy dispensing through the use of superior and cost-effective technology.