fibra óptica
We have the widest selection of products for your fiber optic processes, from inspection and cleaning to polishing and testing processes, this coupled with the best advice and training in these processes
Fiber optic center

Fiber Optic Center. Worldwide distributor of specialized products for the production of fiber optic assemblies in inspection processes, testing, cleaning and re-work, with the largest inventory in sandpaper and epoxy for fiber optics.

seikoh giken

Seikoh Giken. Offers solutions in manufacturing and cleaning fiber optic assemblies ranging from simple polishing equipment to solutions for high volumes of single- or multi-fiber connectors.

seikoh giken
Sticklers.  Offers products designed to provide fiber optic and component cleaning. It has innovative products such as solvents, swabs and applicators that allow obtaining high quality results and at the lowest possible cost.