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09.11.20 05:18 PM Por MELISSA URTEAGA

10 reasons to consider buying!

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Buying a new machine that automates processes in your plant can become a complicated decision to make. 
It is necessary to take into account all the apectos that involve this great step, from the basic requirements to be met, 
the unique characteristics of your process, to the return on investment in the medium and lake term. 

That's why here are the reasons why Panasonic's SPG2 is an excellent buying option. 

1. Capacity for PCBs with dimensions up to 510 x 510 mm.

The conveyor carrying PCBs in and out of the SPG2 has a maximum dimension of 510x510 mm. Allowing you to use all kinds of cards, plus you can optionally add a larger card kit up to 650mm.

2. Cycle time between 8 - 14 seconds.

This cycle time includes fiducial recognition, card assurance and printing, and stencil cleaning; ensuring fast and quality printing. The SPG2 compared to the previous model is up to 40% faster.

3.- Accuracy of ±5 um in PCB positioning.

Micrometric positioning accuracy is achieved through PCB and stencil assurance systems.

4.- Top-side clamper.

The new mechanism holds the sides and top side of the PCB card, reducing warping and improving print quality. This mechanism has two types of grip: one mobile clamp and one with fixed clamp. 

5.- Print accuracy of ±15 um.

By means of the assurance and the support pins the printing accuracy allows the dispensing of paste in "fine pitch" components. 

6.- 15" programming screen.

With a color monitor of these measurements the operator will optimize their manual processes thanks to a better view of the settings and recipes. The passed model of the SPG printer has a screen size of 8.4 inches. 

7.- Squeegees variable angle of printing.

The height of the squeegees is controlled by an motor. In turn, the angle can be adjusted, using vertical front and rear axles, between 45° and 70° allowing continuous paste dispensing, preventing air from being trapped. 

This results in better cycle time and improvements in print quality. 

Set to 45 degrees

Set to 70 degrees

The head also implements a "load detection unit" that monitors print pressure and displays a warning when it varies. 

It allows a uniform dispensing of paste, with variations in pressure for proper filling without affecting the angle of the squeegee.

8.- Automatic paste dispenser and height sensor.

Automated welding supply is designed to promote labor savings and uninterrupted operation, ensuring dispensing repeatability. 
Up to 2 welded containers can be placed giving a performance of up to 4 hours in continuous use. 

9.- Store up to 3 PCB's on the computer.

This quality allows shorter cycle times and avoids transfer time. Since 3 PCBs can be stored inside the equipment in the transfer-print-transfer processes. 

10.- Fast and efficient changeovers.

Using sensors, software licenses, and the "universal mask positioning" tool, the SPG2 can generate faster changeovers, as the machine will automatically adjust the conveyor to the card size and support pins.

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